We are gathered here, not to witness the beginning of what will be, but rather what already is! We do not create this marriage, because we cannot. We can and do, however, celebrate with (names here) the wondrous and joyful occurrence that has already taken place in their lives.

The sentiment of today can be summed up in this reading:

“At night, there was the feeling that we had come home, feeling no longer alone, waking in the night to find the other one there, and not gone away; all other things were unreal. We slept when we were tired and if we woke the other one woke too so one was not alone. Often a man wishes to be alone and a woman wishes to be alone too and if they love each other they are jealous of that in each other, but I can truly say we never felt that. We could feel alone when we were together, alone against the others. We were never lonely and never afraid when we were together.”

“A Farewell to Arms” – Ernest Hemmingway

(names here), will you please join hands and repeat after me?

first vows

Present the ring

second vows

Present the ring

By the power vested in me by the state of Tennessee I now pronounce you married.

Everyone here today has been invited because (names here) consider you close friends, role models, and guides for the future of their marriage. We are honored that you have come.

Let us close with these words of wisdom from Ogden Nash

To keep your marriage brimming
With love in the loving cup
Whenever you’re wrong, admit it
Whenever you’re right, shut up.