We > I

In this country we grow up talking about pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps and being independent. People are lauded for accumulating large amounts of wealth through their own hard work and toil. We believe that we must stand individually and be self-sufficient. The truth is that none of us is completely self-sufficient. We rely on those around us to accomplish anything in life. We all need friends to help us with tasks we cannot manage alone. This is the give and take of life. We offer helping hands to the people we know and care about.

Humans are social creatures and groups of us can accomplish far more by cooperating than individuals acting alone. This is why people naturally group together. While we have been taught that we are self-sufficient individuals, the truth is that we rely on others to one extent or another to be able to get by.

If we want to make bigger changes we need to come together in larger numbers. We need to recognize causes that align with ours and consolidate to form a unified front. We may have differences in our priorities but in the light of the current climate, if we want to accomplish serious change, we must unite amongst groups that may have different goals but are of similar frames of mind. We need to reach across to like-minded people and decide what we need to do to accomplish all of our goals. Do not focus only on your individual objective to the exclusion of all others. By teaming up with other people, by reaching across to people who have different ambitions, we can accomplish so much more.

If you strongly favor gay rights, stand with feminists even when it does not align with your final objective. If you are in favor of clean air and water, march in step with those who don’t want science muzzled, you will both be more likely to be successful if you are together. Larger groups who can unify a diverse set of similar creeds will be able to accomplish so much more since the work can be spread out.

Stand together, come together, rally together, march together, and speak together. We as a group will accomplish far more than any one of us can do alone.


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