Atheists Helping the Homeless

One of the problems in the atheist community in general is that there isn’t much in the way of organization to help get atheists together. Whether it is for social gatherings to build a sense of community and/or socialize or it is to come together as a community and perform charitable acts, it is difficult to form the cohesion that the religious communities already have.

There are a variety of reasons for this: many atheists are still in the closet due to societal pressures or they’ve long since learned to be self-sufficient and used to working outside of social organizations. Any way around it, the atheist community is now starting to take its first steps to come together and build support networks and start giving back to the community.

By nature, atheists aren’t less charitable than other groups, we just lack secular organizations that help us gather up our resources and concentrate them into a more efficient method for giving back. But now we’re beginning to see new groups forming that are focused on charitable work in the community. Atheists Helping the Homeless just formed a Chattanooga chapter thanks to some wonderful people out of Nashville.

The first giveaway was on 11/20. We had quite a few volunteers and plenty of donations. Our biggest problem that we ran into is a lack of knowledge where the local homeless population lives. We are starting to get information on the local groups and finding more people to help.

The plan is to do a giveaway every month to local homeless people. We always need more volunteers and more donations. To all my atheist and theist friends, if you’re willing to help we’d love to have you along. Whether you have clothes to donate, want to buy things that the homeless need, or just want to come out and give the items out, we always need more people. The more people involved, the more people we can all help.



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