Joyful Occasions

One of the nice things about what I do in my off time is performing weddings. On November 5th I performed one. First, let me say what a lovely couple they were. It’s always a good thing to see happy young couples who are about to take that next step in life’s journey.

As we were walking through where the ceremony was to be held and what was to be done the groom turned to me and said “There will be some theatrics”. I’m thinking to myself “Will the bride’s family break out in histrionics? Will some crazed ex show up and start something?” and I cautiously asked what they meant by that. He then explained that with November 5th being Guy Fawkes Day, they would be wearing Guy Fawkes masks. There was some concern that this might turn me off the occasion. I laughed and showed him my Sith costume from Halloween. He and his (now) wife both loved it and asked me to wear it to the event.

We spent the next hour reviewing the simple ceremony that I’d put together for some previous couples. And, with only a couple minor modifications, we set that up and had the plan.

Come the day of the event, I suit up and we perform the ceremony. It was heartwarming to see this lovely couple speak their vows and formally bind their lives together. Everything went smoothly and we all had a grand time out in the park in costume.

Truly, this is one of the great joys of being a Humanist Celebrant. I look forward to doing more ceremonies like this in the future. And yes, I’ll even wear the Sith costume if you’re wanting that extra twist on your ceremony.

Let me leave you with the parting image of (from left to right) myself, the best man, and the groom on the day of the ceremony.


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