A Call for Unity

Now that the election is over and we’ve all started to recover from the initial shock…

There have been a lot of bad reactions on both sides since the results were known. There are protests sprouting up across the country by Democrats who are not happy with the election. There are reports that one did turn violent with protesters being arrested in Portland, OR. There have also been a couple of reported incidents of Trump supporters being attacked. On the other side, there have been multiple reports of threats and attacks on minorities and graffiti on buildings. If we do not stop the violence now it will only escalate.

Facebook and other social media has been another nightmare. While there have been plenty of positive posts, some people are being deliberately offensive to each other and saying things that will come back to haunt them later.

If we want to start healing the divisions in our country, the above actions are not the way to do it. On the left, people need to stop the protests and start organizing. On the right, people need to loudly denounce the violence and help protect those who are being attacked and terrorized. Both sides need to stop the hateful posts and try to be conciliatory. Rather than aggravate the situation with more incendiary rhetoric and violence, we need to de-escalate the situation, get past what has happened, and start building again.

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