Bridging the ‘God Gulf’

An article written by Nicholas Kristof discusses the travails of evangelical Christians in the current election. According to him there is a large division in the evangelical movement. While many prominent members of the movement continue to still back Trump, Mr. Kristof points out other leaders who condemn him as “the antithesis of the values they honor”. He goes on to point out that, while evangelicals still overwhelmingly support Trump over Clinton, this is lower numbers than their support for previous Republican nominees.

He brings up the notion that there are some leaders in the evangelical movement who want to broaden their agenda away from their single most important political issue: abortion. He also goes on to point out the moral failings of a leadership that wishes to proclaim being pro-life out of one side of their mouth while condemning people they don’t agree with to die out of the other side of their mouth.

He also then discusses the other side of the coin, remarking that “secular liberals have moved from denouncing religious intolerance to embracing an irreligious intolerance of their own”.

He winds down the article by planting the supposition that “many young evangelicals seem tired of the culture wars, wearied by politics, and less interested in hounding gay couples than in helping the homeless, the addicted, the incarcerated”. The crux of his article is this line here: “if secular bleeding hearts and religious bleeding hearts can just work together, so much more will be accomplished to improve the human condition”. I agree wholeheartedly with that line. If people could put aside the sticks they use to beat each other over the head with, we could do so much more good for the world.

My central message all along has been that we have more in common than people realize or acknowledge. If everyone could set aside their differences and work to solve problems we could make much greater strides in solving what is wrong with this world. If these evangelicals can put aside divisional differences they have with other people, I am perfectly willing to work alongside them to solve homelessness, hunger, and poverty.

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