Tennessee Valley Pride 2016

I spent today at Tennessee Valley Pride. It’s the first time I’ve ever been to one of these events and it was a blast. The Chattanooga Humanist Assembly had a booth set up there and I spent the day talking with people from multiple religious backgrounds about humanism and letting them know about the mission of the CHA. It was good to see so many familiar faces and to also meet so many new people and talk to them.

So many people aren’t familiar with what humanism is or what it entails. Once they understand the basis for it, they begin to realize just how much they have in common with us. That is the basis for being a humanist. To see all the things we have in common rather than all the things that separate us.

The event itself was pretty large for a Chattanooga event and it helped that the weather stayed very beautiful all day long. A lot of people came out to support their community. It was great to see gay, bi, trans, and straight people all together. Everyone was out to support the LGBTQ community. From traditional allies like the local chapter of PFLAG, or local churches like Pilgrim Congregational Church, or the Chattanooga Freethought Association, to groups from other communities like Infinity Flux game store and the Chattahooligans.

It always makes me happy to see groups of different types come together to support each other. Particularly in a day and age when the LGBTQ community is finally gaining the support and understanding it has been striving for after so many years of struggle and heartache.

This event gives me hope that diversity and love can win out against divisiveness and anger. I fully plan on being at next year’s event and I look forward to seeing the parade again and meeting so many new people.

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