The Blood on Our Hands

Before I start, this isn’t a post for or against gun control. I don’t want it to turn into that.  This is merely my observations about an ongoing problem in American society.

With that being said, I’m sick and tired. Specifically, I’m sick and tired of seeing the latest headline where one or more people have been murdered in our country. Regardless of whether it is one of a massive number of people shot to death by police, or if it is police murdered in the line of duty, people shot to death at a nightclub, people gunned down at a Planned Parenthood Clinic, people at work, in church, or even people just out to watch a movie, too many men, women, and children are dying.

It has been just under one year since Chattanooga had its own mass shooting incident. Five service members at a recruiting station and a reserve base were gunned down. With an incident like that here in my home town the idea of people being killed in a mass shooting is far less of an abstract concept than a city where one of these headline-grabbing incidents hasn’t taken place. I have a friend who survived an office shooting incident. I would like to hope that nobody else has to go through such a traumatic event but, at the rate things are going, isn’t it just a matter of time until the next headline involves someone you know? How long,  until someone you care about is injured or killed? Even if it isn’t someone you know, I hope that like me, you’re tired of seeing another headline about people being murdered.

No matter who you are, what you do, your sexual orientation, identification, the color of your skin, the color of your politics, your religion (or lack thereof), I’m sick and tired of people being shot to death. I hope I’m not the only one.

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