Living Danishly Part III

In my last post we discussed part 2 of “A Year of Living Danishly”. I think these are ten great tips for living better.

7 Value family
National holidays become bonding bootcamps in Denmark and family comes first in all aspects of Danish living. Reaching out to relatives and regular rituals can make you happier, so give both a go. Your family not much cop?

Being able to spend time with family can be a mixed blessing at times. We’ve all heard horror stories about family vacations gone wrong or the usual problems with family holiday dinners. However, it is always good to have family to be able to talk to.

8 Equal respect for equal work
Remember, there isn’t ‘women’s work’ and ‘men’s work’, there’s just ‘work’. Caregivers are just as crucial as breadwinners and neither could survive without the other. Both types of labour are hard, brilliant and important, all at the same time.

At home all four of us work on every task to make sure the house is clean and maintained. Each of us can cook and knows how take care of their laundry. This point, though, is more than just making sure that everyone can clean and cook. We underappreciate the contributions that stay at home parents make. One parent being home, whether it be mother or father, taking care of the family is very important work.

9 Play
Danes love an activity for its own sake, and in the land of Lego, playing is considered a worthwhile occupation at any age. So get building. Create, bake, even draw your own Noel Edmonds caricature. Just do and make things as often as possible (the messier the better).

This is not an area I struggle with. I have quite a few activities that I enjoy. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to keep up on all of them. While I don’t always have time for my favorite activities, I will have to admit I’m spending more time on social activities and meeting with friends. Always make sure you take time to get away and play. Disconnecting from the working world helps you recharge your batteries. Take time out and do things you like.

10 Share
Life’s easier this way, honest, and you’ll be happier too according to studies. Can’t influence government policy to wangle a Danish-style welfare state? Take some of your cake round to a neighbour’s, or invite someone over to share your hygge and let the warm, fuzzy feelings flow.

This is really important. In this fast paced society we live in, everyone is in such a rush that we don’t take time out to share. Take some time, bake a cake for the office or do something unexpected for your friends. Even do something kind for people you don’t know. By sharing what we have, we get away from the daily grind of accumulating goods for our own gain and we share those with coworkers, friends, and even strangers. People often feel better about helping others when there is no quid pro quo.

Now that we’ve covered all ten points, I hope they’ve been interesting for you and I also hope that you can make use of some of this information.

One thought on “Living Danishly Part III

  1. Ken says:

    I do like what you have shared here and I like the values that the Danish consider important. We can all learn from these and enjoy life more and make life for those around us more enjoyable. Be good, do good, make life for others good.


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