Are We Doing Enough?

So here we are again dear readers. This week my question is, as a humanist, how do you (or can you) ever determine if you’re doing enough to make this world better?

In addition to writing this blog as a way to reach out and educate people on humanism, I work on the board of the CHA to provide a safe space for humanists of all religions – a place where they can meet and socialize regularly. Furthermore, I have started speaking at interfaith events, representing atheists and trying to shed light on humanism.

I still continue to work my day job in corporate America. While I am fairly successful at what I do, there is a part of me that feels I could be doing more to help people. Should I take vacations in Greece to help refugees from Syria? Should I give up the good office job to do social work again? Should I start volunteering at soup kitchens and homeless shelters?

How do you make the decision on when you’re doing enough to help? I see the signs of suffering daily and wonder if I’m doing enough to alleviate it.

As humanists, are we working individually or in groups to find ways to make this world better? Can we say we’re really putting our money where our mouths are? Can we find ways to organize to combine our individual efforts?

What should we be doing to make the world better?

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